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CLINSCHAIN is a leading professional clinical supply service company established and operated in strict accordance with relevant local and international regulations and quality requirements. The company has three operation centers with a total area of 6,650 square meters in Shanghai and Beijing, and global depots in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, which can provide excellent clinical supply solutions and one-stop services for MAHs (Marketing Authorization Holders), pharmaceutical research and development enterprises, and multinational pharmaceutical companies to carry out clinical trials at home and abroad.

Since its establishment in March 2018, CLINSCHAIN has been highly recognized by the industry and customers for its unique value proposition and unremitting pursuit of quality, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. CLINSCHAIN has provided one-stop clinical supply services in more than 10 countries and regions to over 100 traditional pharmaceutical enterprises and R&D based emerging pharmaceutical enterprises, and managed over 700 clinical trials. The clinical supply services that CLINSCHAIN provides cover import and export, global lMP/ancillary sourcing, storage, distribution, logistics, return/destruction, IMP blinding, label and packaging material design and production, IMP packaging, equipment leasing, clinical supply management service, IRT system management, bonded warehouse service, etc.

CLINSCHAIN adheres to the company mission of “to provide the most valuable clinical supply services, safeguarding medication supply and patient health and life throughout the research and development process", and is managed and operated by senior professionals in the industry. Mr. Paul Cao, the General Manager of CLINSCHAIN, is one of the earliest pioneers of clinical supply services in China. He has been engaged in the industry for more than 20 years and has served Fisher Clinical Services as General Manager in China and Catalent Pharma Solutions as CCS General Manager and Operations Director in China. Paul Cao and his management team are devoted to enhance their one-stop clinical supply service capabilities with international standards, so as to better meet the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out clinical trials domestically and internationally.

CLINSCHAIN's quality management system was established in strict compliance with international GMP and CHINA GxP, to ensure the quality of clinical supply operation and regulatory compliance domestically and internationally. CLINSCHAIN passed its first GMP/GDP quality certification based on WHO guidelines by SGS in June 2018, and passed its first EU QP Audit in July 2019. With the mission of providing high-quality clinical supply services, CLINSCHAIN firmly believes that only by strictly complying with the international standards and national quality requirements, the interests of customers will be protected to the greatest extent. As a service provider, CLINSCHAIN always treats every customer and every project with great sincerity, continuously optimizes its operations, enhances its efficiency to better support the smooth implementation of clinical trials for its customers without compromising on compliance and quality.


As a leading expert in clinical supply service based in China and with global coverage, CLINSCHAIN possesses the resources and professional capabilities to assist clinical trial sponsors to achieve efficiency advantages while ensuring quality compliance.


Company establishment

WHO GMP & GDP certified


EU QP certification


Shanghai facility expanded to 2,500 sqm

Operation in HK started


Round A financing completed

Operation in Aus. started

Depot in Beijing put into operation


Primary and wallet PKG added

OPS area increased to 5,000 sqm

Global partners increased to 18


Established 3rd depot in bonded zone

Cell bank added

Total OPS area in China increased to 6,650 sqm

Message From General Manager



One of my customers had a vivid analogy of clinical trials: “Clinical trials are our newborn babies.” Yes, a newborn baby represents infinite possibilities and infinite hopes to a family. The newborn baby should receive double care and be away of the risks to the greatest extent. As a professional clinical supply service provider, CLINSCHAIN’s mission is to provide professional services under the best risk control for every clinical trial of our customers, i.e., to take good care of customer ’s newborn babies, to ensure stable and high-quality drug supply to support clinical trials.

As a clinical supply service provider, we must manage with awe our quality, compliance and professionalism, because the other end that the clinical supply chain connects are patients, and the clinical trials are the future of our customers. CLINSCHAIN firmly believes that the spirit of “Quality is the first priority, professionalism, teamwork, customer focused and result orientation", intensive cultivation and strict management of our quality system and operation system is the core to provide the best service to our customers and strongly support the smooth progression of clinical trials.

Running up to now, with the trust of customers and industry colleagues, CLINSCHAIN has kept growing at a stable and fast pace, and has established a good reputation in the industry for its high standards in quality, regulatory compliance, efficiency and staying close to the market and customer needs. CLINSCHAIN will continue to run in its professional way with base in China and serving the world, keep enhancing its quality and compliance management, provide professional solutions, and maintain comprehensive supports to the needs of customers to carry out clinical trials at home and abroad. We sincerely hope to work with friends from all walks of life to create a bright future.

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