Quality System

As a leading professional provider of clinical supply services, CLINSCHAIN takes patient life and health as its mission, customer satisfaction as its service goal, and continues to pursue the highest quality standards, complete compliance requirements and continuous safety assurance.

CLINSCHAIN's quality management system was established in strict accordance with the international GMP and GxP regulations, to ensure the quality of clinical supply operation and the compliance requirements at home and abroad. CLINSCHAIN passed GMP/GDP quality certification based on WHO guidelines by SGS in June 2018 and June 2021, and passed EU QP Audit in July 2019.

CLINSCHAIN’s operation focuses on quality, compliance and safety, emphasizing professionalism, discipline and high compliance with laws and regulations. Our service is customer-focused, pursuing to provide customers with higher value and provide the best guarantee for patients' life and health. We are committed to achieving compliance in all countries where we provide services and promoting continuous improvement through the quality management system.